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iSOS : In case of emergency

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iSOS allows you to send a SOS in order to alert a close relation or an emergency contact (ICE) in a single gesture.The app gives useful info to emergency services in order to help you faster if needed.
iSOS allows you:
- To call a contact (close relation, help etc.) in case of an accident or in case of emergency.- To send a SMS indicating your position to one or several contacts.- To send an email indicating your position on a map to one or several contacts.- To start a sound alert (whistle) in case of danger.- To publish a SOS (emergency message) on your facebook wall
The application also allows you to find close to you or around an address:
- A defibrillator- A doctor- A pharmacy- A hospital- A dentist
The list of defibrillators maybe updated thanks to users' community of iSOS.
iSOS lists a list of useful numbers or emergencies(urgent matters) (Fire fighters, Domestic Violence etc.) as well as first-aid interventions to be made in the event of an accident (heart attack, bite or sting, fracture, burn etc.).
With iSOS, you also have the possibility of saving your health file to help the emergeny services to save you as fast as possible.
This application is perfect for:
- Obtaining a precious help in case of problem- Getting help- For isolated persons- For persons who work alone or having a risky job- For persons wishing to jog and who are not reassured to be alone
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